Looking for a project to support? Our 2018 EOFY list of causes and projects.

Yes, we should support good causes throughout the year (and most of us do), but sometimes the end of financial year gives us an extra incentive to make donations. We’re creating a 2018 list of good causes we can donate to before the 30th of June. Think your project should be on the list? Complete the form and we’ll upload your information over the next 24 hours and share it through the networks.

Note: the SEQICC is not financially liable for any errors or misrepresentations in the information on this page. Anyone making a donation does so at their own discretion. We advice that you check this website for confirmation.


Aboriginal Womyns Inside Out Project: Volunteer time and resources visiting incarcerated Aboriginal Womyn fortnightly at Numinbah Correctional Centre engaging and supporting the womyn to grow past their current paradigm. (Not requesting a financial contribution but time and resources)
Indigenous Owned: Yes
Contact: Leanne Phillips
Website: http://www.embracingdifference.com/contact/

The Preston Campbell Foundation: The foundation supports Preston’s vision of developing programs and opportunities which inspire participants to achieve their aspirations and dreams by connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with their culture, sense of place and well-being.
Indigenous Owned: Yes
Deductible Gift Recipient: Yes
Contact: John Reynolds, john@pcfoundation.org.au
Website: https://pcfoundation.org.au/Contact

SevGen Indigenous Corporation: Creating wellness through connection and relationships within a 3E: Enterprise, Education, Entrepreneurship model. Deadly Espresso is our social Enterprise.
Indigenous Owned: Yes
Deductible Gift Recipient: Yes
Contact: Terri Waller
Website: http://www.sevgen.com.au/

New South Wales

IndigenousX: Indigenous owned media platform that aims to increase Indigenous representation in online media.
Indigenous Owned: Yes
Deductible Gift Recipient: No
Contact: Luke Pearson, luke@indigenousx.com.au
Website: https://www.patreon.com/indigenousx

Moogahlin Performing Arts: Moogahlin Performing Arts is a leading First Peoples performing arts company. We develop, produce, and present new work, are strongly connected to community, and are committed to nurturing all generations of First Peoples practitioners.
Indigenous Owned: Yes
Deductible Gift Recipient: Yes
Contact: Ali Murphy-Oates
Website: https://www.givenow.com.au/moogahlin


Gamarada Indigenous Healing and Life Training Ltd: The objects of this company are to: assist Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander individuals and families (Recipients) through the direct relief of sickness, poverty, suffering, distress and helplessness
Indigenous owned: Yes
Deductible Gift Recipient: Yes
Contact: Ken Zulumovski, ken@guir.com.au
Website: http://guir.com.au/