What SEQICC stands for!

The South East Queensland Chamber of Commerce: fostering trade, building capability, advocating and generating wealth for Indigenous businesses.NAIDOC BUSINESS BREAKFAST


Foster Trade


  • promotes Indigenous business throughout our networks, regionally, nationally and internationally;
  • provide opportunities for businesses in general to do business with the Indigenous community;
  • are a tool to promote Indigenous businesses in South East Queensland.


Build Capability


  • provides an identity to approach other chambers to promote Indigenous business training;
  • provide opportunities for Indigenous business people to network and access mentors and information programmes




  • supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses in South East Queensland through representation at a local, state and national level;
  • provide a local voice for Indigenous-owned and/or operated businesses and Indigenous people;
  • provide a forum for employers to consider/broaden Indigenous businesses
  • represent Indigenous businesses in working with local, state and Commonwealth governments.


Generating Wealth

SEQICC will provide capability building opportunities to –

  • assist our members to create intergenerational wealth
  • invest in the share market
  • buy property and other investments