At AUSTRALIAN FIRE PUMP SERVICES, we carry out all Maintenance and Breakdown repairs to Fire Pump Sets as required. This includes 6 monthly, Annual and 5 yearly Pump Set services. All work is required to comply with Australian Standard 1851 and must be carried out by QBCC licenced technicians (Queensland only). My QBCC Trade Contractors licence number is 1254191. We can also carry out mechanical repairs and servicing on various types of Industrial and Commercial Pumps, Machinery, Generators, Electric and Diesel driven equipment as well as on site Coupling Laser Alignment and Condition Monitoring for Pumps, Motors and many other Industrial and Commercial applications. We are based in IPSWICH, QLD and we operate through out SE QLD and Northern NSW.
We are available 24/7 as required.
Please call Dennis Nielsen on 0432552684 anytime.

We can carry out all required Servicing and Break Down Repairs to Fire Pump Sets to comply with AS1851. We can also carry out Coupling Laser Alignments and Condition Monitoring for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications as well as Maintenance and Break Down Repairs to Diesel and Electric Air Compressors, Pumps, Motors, Valves and Commercial/Industrial Machinery.



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