Community Leadership Solutions

Community Leadership Solutions (CLS) is a majority owned and operated Indigenous organisation, with a vision to inspire personal leadership and responsibility and create positive change in Indigenous communities. CLS aims to inspire individuals to embrace leadership, break through personal boundaries and connect with the community around them.

CLS was established in 2010 by Michael Tuahine and Duncan Goodridge, CLS works with a range of stakeholders including Indigenous community members such as parents, Government Departments, community based/non-government organisations, corporate entities and educational institutions.

CLS currently operates in 2 main areas – Toowoomba and South East Queensland.

CLS services aim to help: Indigenous parents reconnect with their children and schools; Indigenous persons reflect on their education and training opportunities and work towards employment goals; individuals develop healthy attitudes towards work; Individuals and organisations understand Indigenous culture and how to connect with it positively; and organisations achieve important Indigenous training and employment targets through the design and delivery of appropriate training workshops.

CLS guides itself by its core values and the needs of the diverse set of clients with whom we work with.

CLS services are not intended to assist organisations simply “tick and flick” to satisfy mandatory training requirement. Programs are designed to help individuals and organisations drive real change in personal behaviour and deliver authentic and life changing trainings to participants.

CLS’s three goals: Provide a diversified service offering drawing on a variety of funding sources; deliver high quality training.

Service profile – CLS services can be grouped across the following areas:

  • Hosting Services – Hosting of Media, sporting and corporate events for organisations
  • Cultural Awareness Trainings – Delivery of cultural competency sessions to staff in corporate and Government workplaces
  • Delivery of Professional Development and Mentoring Programs – working with individuals and groups to support the achievement of education and employment goals
  • Parent and Community Engagement Program (PaCE) – Leadership programs/Government funded services – Toowoomba and South East QLD
  • PaCE/Government funded service stream – under the Government funded service stream, CLS is funded under DEEWR’s PaCE program in 2 areas – Toowoomba and South East Queensland. PaCE is a community driven program that focuses on the development and implementation of creative and innovative approaches, which are intended to improve the educational outcomes of Indigenous school students by enhancing Indigenous parental engagement with schools and education providers.

CLS leadership training services are designed for parents in communities where disengagement from local education facilities is identified as a significant barrier. Under the contract, CLS builds working relationships with local PaCE facilitators who work across different communities.

Fee for service stream – CLS offers either one-off or long-term consultancy contracts to entities wanting to engage its services and training across the following areas:

  • Professional Development
  • Mentoring
  • Cultural awareness/intelligence
  • Understanding Cultural shame
  • Motivational


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