Nguin Warrup (Black Drum)

Australian Indigenous Arts & Cultural Organisation Nguin Warrup (Black Drum) is a new organisation that services and supports community projects and capacity building in the greater Brisbane region

Our mission is to provide cultural and professional support to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and its membership through

  • provision of essential arts services and
  • creating a referral agency that will promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and opportunities.

Our objectives are –

  • to improve the lifestyles and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in the region of Southern and Central Queensland
  • to build the Aboriginal and Torres Islander Arts and Cultural Industry to a sustainable level
  • Provide opportunities for our visual and performing artists to showcase their work and celebrate our culture.

We are a social enterprise that believes in building our community capacity and creating a sustainable industry by planting the seed and growing young artsworkers to work in our sector.

Our services include –

  • Consultancy
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Cultural Development
  • Events Management/Training
  • Educational programs (Art, Culture, Heritage)
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Product development
  • Business development

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