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Outpost Consulting is a Brisbane-based consultancy service specialising in research, evaluation, policy development and professional writing, with a focus on the education and training, health and community services sectors. We have particular expertise in issues impacting on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and people with disability.Our vision is to assist clients to get to the crux of tricky public policy and service delivery issues, present workable ideas based on independent research and sharp analysis, and ultimately to help create stronger, fairer, happier communities.

Research to better understand public policy issues, including through literature reviews, document analyses, case studies, surveys, interviews and focus groups

  • Planning and design of programs, policies and services
  • Evaluation and review of programs, policies and services
  • Submission writing, report writing, persuasive writing, public writing, narrative writing
  • Facilitation of workshops and focus groups, with a focus on participatory approaches


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