Seuristar* Creations

seuristar* creations delivers transpersonal art therapy, counselling, and creative art workshops.

The word seuri is seeded in collective representation and holistic cultural experience, yet at the same time expresses the possibility to which an individual…might aspire, but not able to realise.

seuristar* creations seeks to empower individuals to have their aspirations realised through use of transpersonal art therapy processes. No experience or skill in art making is needed as it’s not about creating aesthetic images – it’s about effecting growth and change through artistic expression in a safe and supportive environment.

Transpersonal Art Therapy differs from other forms of psychotherapy as it does not rely solely on the spoken word. That which is verbally difficult to express can be sourced, and bring new meaning, through transpersonal art therapeutic processes. It is a three way process between the client, the therapist and the art form. The precise way that visual communication and verbal communication is used varies according to each client and their unique situation.

Individual private sessions and creative art group sessions available at inner city and north Brisbane locations.

Bookings by appointment only – flexible days and hours.

Registered member of the Australian Association of Holistic and Transpersonal Counsellors.


0403 606 296

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