At Toughland, we offer a range of camping equipment and outdoor gears to gear you up wherever your adventurous nature takes you – go camping, caravanning, off-road adventures, hiking, RVing, fishing, weekend at the beach, or even simple family day out at the park.
We have inverter generators that are classically smaller than your normal generators. These are fully portable, especially built for the tough outdoors with compact and solid casing. An efficient power supply that can power up all conventional electronic appliances. We offer complete solar panel kits down to solar panel accessories. Option for fixed solar panels and folding solar panels depending on your needs and applications. We have a stylish outdoor umbrella and range of gazebos that can be set up in multiple ways, perfect sunshade for every outdoor activities. Plus a lot more for all your outdoor necessities.
Toughland aims to provide you your outdoor essentials, this way we can guarantee an enjoyable, relaxing, and hassle-free adventures for you and your loved ones when you’re out in the wilds fully prepared. Enjoy and experience more of the outdoors!
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