Winangali is an independent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communications consultancy focusing on assisting Governments and corporations to communicate appropriately with Australia’s Indigenous people.

Winangali is certified by Supply Nation, which guarantees Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authenticity. A Federal Government initiative to promote the use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suppliers and the development of Indigenous businesses. We are Aboriginal-owned and Aboriginal managed.

We believe the key to engaging with Indigenous people is to develop a dialogue, informed communication planning can only occur when respectful engagement and consultation occurs. Winangali always works from a position of respect for the community; their traditions and cultural practices and we always seek to access local intermediaries who know the local community; its culture and politics where possible.

Winangali brings an impressive record of best-practice community engagement and research. We have a strong record of successful partnerships with other agencies as well as direct client engagement.

Winangali won the 2012 Qld Business of the Year at the Telstra Business Awards and was the only micro-business to win their State category.

Winangali is a Kamilaroi word meaning to hear, to listen, to know, to remember.


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