seqicc-blog-nancy1Black Drum Productions Pty Ltd is a Brisbane-based events company, that was recently catapulted from local Festivals such as QPAC’s Clancestry, and into the international cultural events scene with its recent collaboration with the renowned Bangarra Dance Theatre for the 2014 G20 Summit.

The Welcome to Country performance for the Summit included elder and well-known singer Maroochy Barambah and local dance groups – Aboriginal dance group Nunukul Yuggera, and Torres Strait Islander dance group Malu Kiai Mura Buai.

Black Drum Productions played a large role in the G20 Cultural Celebrations, and pride itself in producing programs with cultural integrity. Nancy Bamaga, of BDP said,

It was an honour to work on the G20 Summit. Working with local artists to showcase our Australian Indigenous culture and talent to the world has been one of the highlights of our year.

This small one-woman enterprise, is clearly ready to take on the world!