Helping Indigenous business growth: be a contributor to the SEQICC

Would you like to be a contributor to the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce?

There are a number of ways that you can assist in the growth of Indigenous Business in our region and throughout Queensland and Australia.

1. Events

We’re always keen to have our members help our with Indigenous business events.

  • Host a Friday Coffee Morning:Our Friday Coffee Mornings require a weekly host from our around the South East Queensland Region. What does it take? Read more about being a host (includes 2015 Calendar)
  • Host an Evening Networking Event: Do you have an event idea? If you’re keen to host, we’re keen to help.
  • Assist us with organising the Annual Indigenous Business Breakfast: Do you have ideas? Are you great at organising? Or would you just like to lend a hand on the day? Please let us know how you would like to be involved in planning our Annual Indigenous Business Breakfast in 2015.

2. Join the Board

We are always keen to add new members to our dedicated team. If there are vacancies, you don’t need to wait until there is an AGM. Email to have a chat.

3. Write an article

There are four types of posts we like to publish on the SEQICC website. They are:

  1. Member Features: These are stories about our individual members, how they got statrted in business.They’re inspirational and informative. (Articles we have already published in this category: Stars Institute of Learning and Leadership, CJ’s Island Pizza, Black Drum Productions)
  2. Event Wrap-Ups:  These are stories about our events, and probably include photographs, and testimonials. (Congratulations Carbon Media, NAIDOC Business Breakfast 2013, Congratulations to Winangali)
  3. Being in Business: These stories will appeal to our broad membership base because they’re about aspects of being in business, eg. How to write a killer elevator pitch, 10 tips for Indigenous business owners. Our focus is on writing articles that help other members (our audience) with their own businesses.
  4. Opinion and Analysis: These are stories that analyse the “state of affairs”. They may have a political edge and/or be very topical. (Articles already published in this category: What will the budget bring Indigenous Business?)

If you write an article for our website, it will be published under your name and will link back to your blog. We will feature your story across all our media channels.

4. Capacity Building Workshops

In 2015, we’d like to deliver a range of reasonably priced capacity building workshops to our members across the region. If you have a venue, or a skill you would like to share, please contact us so we can add you to the 2015 calendar.

5. Be a sponsor

All the work of the work done by the SEQICC is done by a small group of dedicated volunteers. Your sponsorship can help us to achieve our core goals – fostering trade, building capacity, generating wealth, and advocacy.

SEQICC Channel statistics (November 2014)

  • Email Database: 735 (27.7% Opens)
  • Facebook: 570 Likes
  • Twitter: 156 Followers
  • LinkedIn Page: 47 Followers

For more information about any of these initiatives, please send an email to