damine,-rochelle,-murray,-seqicc,-2014This year we have had the pleasure of meeting, and now working with, Dr Rochelle R. Cote. Rochelle is a Canadian researcher attached to the University of Queensland. Her research in Australia is a continuation of projects in Canada and the United States focusing on urban Indigenous entrepreneurs and the factors that lead to successful businesses in urban marketplaces, like Brisbane.

Her work will ideally allow us to gain a greater appreciation of issues facing Indigenous entrepreneurs as well as look at similarities, differences and lessons applicable across these three countries. Her interests also include finding ways of improving access to resources for starting and maintaining successful businesses. More broadly, her work also looks at the link between social networks, cultures and the idea of ‘walking in two worlds’ – how individuals negotiate living within Indigenous and non-Indigenous contexts.

Over the past month, Rochelle has been assisting the SEQICC to develop the South East Queensland Indigenous Business Survey. The survey which will help us find out, with certainty, the issues that we are facing as an Indigenous business community, and how our organization can plan for the future.

Rochelle is in Brisbane and would like to be able to sit down and chat with Indigenous business owners from all sectors. If you’re interested in sharing your story and personal experiences, please feel free to contact her on 0401 806 765 or email Rochelle at r.cote@uq.edu.au.