global_publishing-3187Wendy Watego and Vicki Scott really understand the idea and practice of partnership. STARS Institute of Learning and Leadership is a not for profit organisation that seeks to provides services to both individual First Nations people and people working with them, as well as organisations who want to ensure their vision has the buy-in of their most important resource – their people – and that there is nothing in the way of their people contributing to that vision.

With Wendy’s background in education and Vicki’s expertise in government, it wasn’t always going to be a guaranteed business partnership success. Despite being relative novices to small business, their individual and joint persistence and a willingness to look hard at themselves, has enabled this on-the-surface odd couple, to gradually develop a clear goal and strong business model.

We’ve been operational since 2008, and it’s taken us a good five years, to really understand who our audience (market) is and what we’re “selling

Now that Wendy and Vicki are in their sixth year and with their first book on its way to the publisher, what advice do they give others who are getting ready to embark on the same journey?

Be very clear on what your vision is, and why it is important to you.  Make sure you are passionate about what you are doing, and not just looking for money.  This will sustain you in the quiet times.  Ask yourself “what is the impact on you if you don’t follow your passion and dream”.  Do your due diligence – make sure there is an identified need, a gap in the market and how your business will fill that gap.  Be very clear on why you are unique, and identify anything you think might stop you from achieving what you want. We understand the importance of building a supportive environment that also acts as a benchmark for successful businesses.

Wendy and Vicki’s business is about working with individuals and communities to assist them to get rid of beliefs that limit their possibilities. But as savvy business women, they also work on themselves and their business. With empowering beliefs abounding, the sky is the limit.

Leesa Watego

Image credit: STARS Institute of Learning and Leadership 

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