The South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce our new premises at Advance Queensland’s The Precinct. Located on Level 1, the new office provides us with an opportunity to have a home-base, a regular meeting space as well as an event space.

The opportunity for this space was facilitated by Deadly Innovation and is generously provided for by the Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and The Commonwealth Games.

So where is the Precinct?

The Precinct space is actually created by joining two historic buildings together. The main entrance to the Precinct is the TC Beirne side of the building and has the Concierge desk on Level 2. We are located in the other side of the building on Level 1.

Until you get used to it, the Precinct can be a little confusing so we’ve taken a few images to help guide you –

Our preferred entrance – looks like this:

If you’re coming from the Fortitude Valley Mall, use this entrance,

If you’re coming from the Chinatown Mall, head to Beirne Lane.

When you’re inside, the foyer area looks like this – the steps on the right, there’s an elevator on the left.

Go up the steps. The door at the top is locked and you will need to ‘swiped’ in.

Looking through some glass doors.

Once you’re inside the building, go through these doors, down the hallway and the SEQICC is on the left, and the Seminar Room is a little further down.


The number 1 question is on everyone’s lips is PARKING! The Chinatown Secure Parking is available and has online bookings. When you come out of the carpark, walk across the mall and you’re at the entrance of our building.

Entry to Chinatown Parking is via Gibbs and/or Duncan St.

Entry to Chinatown Parking is via Gibbs and/or Duncan St.

How we will use this new space?

We can use the space to store the chamber assets – like banners and collateral. We can also use the space for events. Over time, we will develop a policy so that members can benefit from the space. Any feedback will be gratefully received.