Paying with Paypal

PayPal is an globally recognised payment gateway that is popular with online and small business. Making payments through PayPal allow small organisations like the SEQICC, to receive funds from clients, through a trusted and secure gateway.

Many people will already have a PayPal account and are happy to use their existing account details to make payments. However, you DO NOT need to have a PayPal account in order to use the gateway.

Step 1: To register for an event, you must complete your registration details. Our sample:

Step 2: The website will offer you a Method of Payment. Currently the only method of payment is PayPal. Click on the PayPal button and Finalise Registration. Our sample:


Step 3: The next screen tells you that you how much you will be billed for and informs you that you will be taken to an external website ( Our sample:


Step 4: Once you’ve arrived at the PayPal website, you will see the SEQICC name at the top. The first option you have is to pay with your existing PayPal account. You simply do what you do with other online transactions, type in your PayPal access email and password and log in. Our sample:

Your second option is to Pay with a credit of debit card. When you click this option, you are asked for information, including the country, credit card number, type, expiry date etc. You’re also asked for Billing Information. This includes your name, address etc. Our sample:

To our knowledge and in our experience, completing this section DOES NOT automatically sign you up for a PayPal account. To the best of our experience and knowledge, this section is designed to provide safeguards against money laundering and other illegal activities. It also allows you, the consumer a degree of safeguards against illegal vendors.

background-1-5Once you have completed the information, you click Pay and the funds are removed from your account within a number of days. Once you have paid, our software registers that you have paid for the event, and your ticket is secure.

We understand that many people are hesitant about making payments online, however, as a small organisation, run by volunteers who are also working to run their businesses, it was imperative that we create a system that allows us to take payments easily and in as automated a manner as possible. If you still have concerns about the system, please contact Damien ( for further information.

Note: You do have an option to sign up to PayPal, but you do not have to. 

Why does PayPal want you to sign up? PayPal have not made it 100% clear to new/unfamiliar users that they aren’t required to sign up in order to use the service. Why? Because like other businesses, they’re seeking new customers. They also know that once you have used PayPal for one online transaction, you will probably be happy to make other online transactions in the future.