This year, with an opportunity to host an Indigenous Business Month event at the Brisbane Exhibition and Conference Centre, the SEQICC put our hands up to create the Queensland Indigenous Business Expo and Forum. We had a very short lead time, but we have been very ambitious. We have been quite explicit that it could be the first event that each year for the next 10 years is held in a different region. Queensland is made up of a number of regions including South West Queensland, North Queensland, Far North Queensland, Central Queensland, Wide Bay, the Northern Peninsuala Area and Cape York, as well as the Torres Strait Islands. We are lucky in the South East to have an existing organisation, the SEQICC to deliver this event. While being run mostly by volunteers, we have a small amount of resources and, combined with some sponsorship, we pulled together an energetic local group to build a deadly event. With support and guidance other regions could host a a forum in their area.
Our event this year has 3 elements:
  • A business breakfast
  • A business expo (for Queensland businesses)
  • A forum
What resources are needed to deliver a Queensland Indigenous Business Expo and Forum in you region? 
A commited group of volunteers or part-time staff to cover:
  • A small reference group
  • Marketing and promotions team
  • Event management
  • Finance

You would also need sponsors. We have received funding from a number of sources and would also share these details. We have also used Indigenous suppliers and would share their details as well.

Our challenge is are you interested in bringing QIBEF to your region?
Would you be interested in taking up the baton so we can be part of building an amazing Indigenous business sector in Queensland.
If you’re interested, please get in touch. We would share with you our knowledge and any templates we have developed.
Please contact Leanne Levinge, Executive Officer