Share Your News

The four goals of the SEQICC are Fostering Trade, Building Capability, Advocacy and Generating Wealth. We’re working to provide opportunities locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, to ensure that our Indigenous business members get the best start they can on their road to establishing a sustainable and successful Indigenous business.

Our website and our social media marketing platforms, are great tools for our members. We encourage our members to use our website as much as possible, including our regularly updated Indigenous Business Directory.

In developing this website to its fullest capabilities for the benefit of our members, that we need to do two things –

  1. allowing our members to share news about their own businesses – new projects, new products, business awards, upcoming sales; and
  2. share news for our members about what’s happening out in the business world – upcoming training programs, new policy initiatives and strategies.

To help us share your information effectively, it is important that you send us information in a particular format that works for our platform.

How we share information?

Ideally we use our website as the hub or the centre of all information that is shared from the Chamber. This means, that information will be published via a blog post. That post will then be shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages. In addition, we will send out our regular newsletter update containing relevant links.

What we need?

In order to allows us to upload your information to a post, we require the following:

  1. An image – this should be a jpeg (if it’s a photograph), or a png or gif. The image should be saved at 72ppi as images that are too large take too long for visitors to download. The image should be appropriate, professional and relevant to your story.
  2. Text – your text should tell our visitors what your activity is about. You should use relevant language to our Indigenous business community. Provide all the information that is needed for our readers. Make sure your contact details are correct.
  3. Hyperlinks – are essential to a well written post. You should provide hyperlinks to your website, your profile, your activity. Do not provide hyperlinks to your Facebook Profile as they’re not readable or viewable by people who do not have a Facebook account. A Facebook page is acceptable though.
  4. Embargo Information – if you have a story you would like to share, but do not want it published until a specific point in the future, please indicate clearly that this is the case.

Editorial Policy

Over time, we will develop an editorial policy that ensure that the posts that are being made are relevant to our community. If we receive feedback that your stories are not relevant, or are viewed as spam, then we will limit the number of posts we will make on your behalf. For example, if you are an Indigenous business and have weekly sales of your products, we would probably not continue to post about your sales as they will become “spammy”. We encourage you to be strategic and sensible about the type of stories you wish us to share.

If we believe that the language or images are not appropriate, we will either not publish them, or we will edit them.

Who can send us a story?

Members of the SEQICC can send us stories. We will also publish stories by relevant agencies that we believe are providing a benefit to our members. If you would like a story to be published, we would encourage you to join the Chamber.

Please note: The website is currently being updated by a volunteer board member who is also a small business owner, so getting your information to us in plenty of time prior to you needing it published is important.

Is there a cost involved?

Currently, there is no cost to sharing stories on our platform, however, in the future we may revisit this as a sponsorship and advertising strategy is developed.

Where to send your story?

  • Please send your story to Secretary at